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Why surface sanitation & hygiene is essential?

Be it a home or workplace, personal hygiene, as well as cleanliness, are of utmost importance. It helps you stay safe and healthy. Along with the safety, hygiene and cleanliness influence your reputation as well. Therefore, maintain cleanliness and hygiene is essential.

Reasons Why Sanitisation and Hygiene is Important

Sanitising the house and office is one of the best ways to keep your spaces free from diseases that are caused by viruses, infection, and bacteria, etc. Many people opt for the pest control services as it helps to get rid of the rats, flies, rodents, etc. causing diseases. Here is a list of reasons that prove the need for maintaining hygiene.

Daily Interaction in Commercial Offices
Along with the daily work activities, several other important events take place in a workspace like meetings, gatherings, etc. During these interactions, we share the same stationery, photocopier, laptops, mouse, desk phones, remote control, chairs, etc. The digital gadgets, stationery, and office supplies, etc house numerous bacteria and germs and transmit from one individual to another. Therefore, workplace sanitisation is important as it can help in preventing the transfer of pathogens (fungi, bacteria, parasites, etc).

Activities in Schools Among Kids & Teachers
Kindergarten, nursery, and schools are equipped with drawing tools, books, blocks, toys, playmats, etc. While playing and learning, the kids, as well as teachers, share the same surfaces. Floor, tables, toys, books, and other objects might look clean but it is hard to say if they are hygienic or safe to use. The kids might pick up germs and bacteria from the toys or play mats. Even they don’t know about sanitising hands. This leads to possible transmission of the virus causing illness.

A habit of Touching Face
Many people have a habit of touching their faces. Touching a surface and then touching your face with the same hound without sanitisation spreads diseases very quickly. We are not aware of which surface is touched by which person and whether the hands of the person were sanitised. Therefore, to ensure the safety of yourself, family, or employees, it is essential to get the get surface sanitisation.

Bacteria Stays on The Surface
Many studies and researchers state that germs, viruses, and bacteria can stay alive on the surface. Some stay alive for hours while some for the days and there are some pathogens that stay alive for months. This is the major reason why maintaining hygiene is essential. Along with the usual housekeeping and maintenance regime, opting for cockroach control or pest control treatment can help you.

Reducing Falls, Trips & Slips
Cleaning your space regularly helps in reducing the chances of accidents resulting in an injury. The filthy surface at the office increases the chances of falls, trips, and slips. By keeping the surface clean and placing the appropriate mats like dust-control mats, wet area mats, etc. you can prevent the accidents. Moreover, this would help the individual feel safe.

Along with these, having a sanitised and hygienic space would help in keeping everyone healthy and increase productivity also.

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