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How to Keep Your Garden Pest-free And Healthy?

Garden pest treatment

When you have a garden to look after, there is a lot of work to do. Among the various obstacles faced in gardening, a pest problem is probably the worst. Pest control is an absolute necessity to keep your garden healthy and disease-free. Now the task might sound too difficult, but if planned thoroughly then it becomes quite easy.

In this blog, you would learn how to keep your garden protected from pest infestation by following simple, protective measures and remedies. Keep reading to become a pro-self-sufficient gardener and keep the green flourishing without overuse of harmful chemical pesticides.

Prevent Pest-infestation In The First Place

The best way to prevent insect and pests from damaging your garden is to discourage them from entering in the first place. A garden in sound health is the best defensive measure against this problem. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while making plans for your garden.

Get Rid Of The Weak Plants First
Whenever you spot a weak plant, pull it out immediately. It may be already infected, if not, still they are much vulnerable to future infestations. Pull any such plants out and dispose of it away from the garden.

Keep The Foliage Free From Moisture
Water the garden early so the plants stay dry for the greater part of the day. Wet plants attract insects and fungus causing damage. Implementing the drip-irrigation method is also helpful and also saves water.

Seaweed Spray Is Very Beneficial For The Plants
Seaweed provides several vital elements and promotes healthy plant development. Seaweed fertilisers help plants to grow strong and withstand diseases. It repels slugs in the mulch form. Either as spray or mulch, seaweed is a great ingredient of garden pest treatment.

Proper Maintenance Means Pest-free Gardens
Regular care is necessary, there is no room for reluctance here. Clear the garden area of weeds, skip bins, platts plumbing, debris, and objects that seem breeding places of insects. Always use clean mulch. Clean your tools from time to time, especially while working with infested plants.

Attract The Beneficial Insects To Your Garden
Some of the insects are actually beneficial to your garden and help them stay pest-free. Ladybugs, Lacewings, Praying mantis etcetera prey on harmful insects and their larvae, keeping a check on their growth. Specific problems may need specific species. You can buy them online or attract using natural measures.

Some Homemade Remedies For Garden Pest Treatment
Homemade remedies are cost-effective and easy to implement. You can use several homemade sprays to control harmful insects. The ingredients used are noxious but non-toxic, for example, garlic, stinging nettles, cayenne, horsetail etcetera. Do a little research for various specific formulas of these blends.

Some Common Insect Pests And Their Natural Controls:

Increase the diversity of plants around your garden to attract the predators of aphids. You can go for nectar-rich varieties. Get beneficial insects like Aphidoletes wasp in case there has already been an infestation.

Carrot Rust Fly
Use yellow sticky cards to monitor the arrival of carrot rust fly. Wait for the first generation of rust flies to pass before you go on with plantation. Keep an eye on the cards for signs of adult rust flies after planting crops.

Get rid of cutworms by encouraging beneficial nematodes and using plant collars. These collars are made from recycled plastic and are eco-friendly. Locate and eliminate alternate hosts nearby that may keep the pests thriving.

Protect Your Garden From Rodents
Rodents and moles are another threat. Take care of that while doing the pest control. Secure all open food sources and compost bins. Soak cotton balls or a rag in oil of peppermint and place in areas of rodent activity to discourage them.

For optimal results, you can appoint the best pest control services in the country. They provide great service within affordability.

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