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The presence of bugs, cockroaches, and other pests in the house destroys peace of mind. The disturbing aspect is that they multiply quickly in a very little time. They spread deadly diseases like malaria, plague, arboviruses, and other enteric diseases. The pest control treatment right and best way to deal with this problem. Many people opt for DIY pest control as it helps in saving money as well as time.

Do’s & Don’ts

To get rid of pests and insects at home with the use of pest control products, you need to know about the do’s and don’ts such as

Block the Entry Points: The first and most important thing is to check the holes and spaces from where the pests enter your house. Look for those gaps and holes in ceilings, walls, etc. and repair them.

Identify the Pests: Before you decide the treatment, check what type of pests are there in your house. There is would help you get the appropriate solution for the problem.

Find the Pest’s Hiding Places: The pests and insects are found in different parts of the house. However, there is the main area, especially in the case of termite and ant. These insects have a hierarchical system, by following the trail, you can destroy their home.

Use of Approved Chemicals: Ensure you use the chemicals that are approved for home and ready to use. Ensure you read the instructions before applying chemicals. Do not forget to keep the children and pets away from the places where you applied pesticides.

Dispose of the Pesticides and their Containers Properly: Check the label to know the right way to dispose of the leftover pesticides and containers.


Leaving Food in Open: Do not forget to store the food in a proper container. Leaving the leftover foods in open would attract insects and cockroaches.

Let Trash Accumulate in Bins: It is quite common that people forget to empty the trash bins. The accumulation of trash evokes the odour and attract the pest. Do not forget to empty the bin and sanitize it regularly.

Leaving Dirty Dishes in Sink: Dirty dishes can be an invitation to the pests like flies as well as cockroaches. Therefore, it is advised not to keep the dishes in the sink. Washing the dishes right after use and keeping the sink clean and dry would help in reducing the moisture.

Avoiding Protective Gear: While handling pesticides and insecticides, it is important to take precautions. Therefore, it is advised to use a mask to cover your face as this would protect you from inhaling any insecticide. Do not forget to wear headgear, hat, and thick gloves.

Using Chemicals Indoor: Read the label carefully so that you do not get confused with indoor and outdoor pest control products. There are certain pesticides that are for outdoors only. Using these products indoors can be harmful to health.

Buying pesticides and using them for treatment might provide you temporary prevention or control. However, for long-term protection, it is advisable to hire professional pest control services. Hiring professional service would ensure your safety and better results.

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