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Cleaning and Hygiene Tips to Protect Against Coronavirus

Things are yet to unfold about the novel coronavirus that triggers the coronavirus diseases. According to the present knowledge that has been compiled about COVID-19, the spread of the virus is happening mostly through contacts, given the fact, the virus is most likely to transmit through respiratory droplets.

Current evidence also talks about the possibility of virus settling on hard surfaces through coughs and sneezes of infected COVID-19 people and remaining active for about three hours if not cleaned. And non-infected people might catch the virus once they make close contacts with such surfaces. This brings us to the conclusion that we must adopt certain cleaning and hygiene habits to stay away from COVID-19 and any other bacteria and viruses.

Simple Hygiene Practices that You Must Adhere To

People all across the globe must start adhering to the simple hygiene practices to protect your building and yourself from COVID-19. The below-given measures can reduce the possibility of infection besides lowering the spread of the virus.

Ensure Cleanliness and Hygiene in Your Workplaces

Make sure to wipe the hard surfaces like tables and desks and objects like keyboards and telephones regularly with strong disinfectants. Cleaning hard surfaces would ensure that the contaminants on them are eliminated and spreading of virus through them doesn’t happen.

Summon the pest control company for the elimination of pest infestation from time to time, as pests are considered to be the largest hindrance for hygiene and cleanliness.

Promote Routine and Effective Hand-washing of People

Install sanitizer dispensers at all the prominent places of your house and or organization and make sure to refill them every day. You can DIY awareness posters on hand-washing and put them out on display. Besides all this, a few more effective communications measures like guiding safety officers and occupational health, briefings on safety during meetings can also prove helpful. Also, make the hand-washing spots easily accessible for your family, children, and working staff.

Work Towards Promoting Good Respiratory Hygiene at Home/Workplace
You can make posters on the importance of maintaining respiratory hygiene and display them at prominent places. You can also invest in hoarding a good-amount of paper tissues and face masks at your workplaces and home and distribute them among people who are prone to flu and colds.

Ensure Thorough Cleaning Around the House
Cleaning and disinfecting the house and workplaces regularly is an important aspect of reducing the chances of infection. Stick to the instruction label on the cleaning products for effective and safe use, including measures that you must adopt when using the product such as ensuring sufficient ventilation and using gloves.

In case you come across pests in your house when exercising cleaning and dusting, immediately seek help from the professional pest control company near you to get rid of them and to make sure that cleanliness reigns.

Make Sure to Clean Your Clothes
It is not clear how long the COVID-19 virus can thrive on fabric. However, several clothing items have metal and plastic elements on which the virus can survive from a few hours to many days. Thus, exercising caution and good cleaning practices that you must consider comprises removing your shoes the moment you step inside the house and changing into washed and clean clothes after being out in public places and rinsing your hand with water and soap immediately.

This simple yet effective safety and hygiene tips shall protect you and your family from getting infected with COVID-19 and ensure that any kind of disease is kept at bay. Follow all these tips to maintain good health amongst your family and workplace staff.

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