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What to Do Before and After Pest Control?

Rats, cockroaches, spiders, flies, etc. are the carriers of diseases. Getting rid of the pests is not so easy. Many property owners follow the tips to prevent the pests enter their property. However, they enter, the house, hide and multiply quickly, which can be dangerous for the people living there. Hiring professionals is the best way to remove pest infestation.

All That You Need to Do Before and After Getting Pest Control Treatment
Receiving pest control treatment from professionals would help you keep your property clean, hygienic, and safe. However, before you get the treatment, it is important to know how you need to prepare the property for treatment. Along with the preparation, you need to know about things you need to do after treatment. Here is a list of things.

Things to do Before Treatment

  • Move the Appliance & Furniture Away from Walls as this would provide easy access to the professionals. It would also protect the appliances and furniture from spills and sprays of chemicals that are used for treatment.
  • Pack the clothes, toiletries, toys of kids, jewellery, etc in a plastic wrapping and store them in cabinets. Using wide cello tape, seal the gaps of the drawers and doors.
  • Clear out the countertops and dustbin from the kitchen. Store your cutlery, utensils, glasses, etc. safely. Place the packed food items in the fridge and other eatable items in plastic wrapping.
  • Store the toys and bedding of your pets carefully. Drop your pet at your friend’s or neighbour’s place during treatment as pets are sensitive to the chemicals.
  • Cover the decorative pieces like flower pots, paintings, etc with plastic. Do not forget to store your bathroom items securely such as floss, razors, toothbrushes, etc.

Things to do Post Treatment

Once you get rodent control treatment, it is important to do a few things that ensure your safety and make the treatment effective. Here are the things that you need to do post-treatment.

  • Do not enter your house without having word with the expert as the chemicals need time to set in the house. Talk to the expert and know the right time to enter the house and clean it.
  • Before you start cleaning, put on the gloves, and then touch any object. This would help in protecting the skin from chemicals.
  • In case you left any food outside before treatment, throw that immediately. If there are drainage pipes or leaking taps get them repaired as this would serve as an entry for the pests.
  • Paper can be a good source for the pests. Be it old newspaper, magazine, grocery bag or any kind of paper discard them. It would prevent pest infestation.
  • In the few days of treatment, you would find the dead pests at different places. Therefore, keep a check on that and clean the trouble spots regularly as dead pests attract the pests.

The process of treatment may vary according to the situation and property. You can have word with the technician and get a list of things to do before as well as after treatment.

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