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9 Spring and Summer Pest Prevention Tips

9 Spring and Summer Pest Prevention Tips

Spring season and summers are the prime times when pests come out of their hiding homes and seek shelter in residential or commercial properties. People dislike pests for the most common reason that they bring many harmful health conditions and cause diseases. They also cause contamination of the food and water supply of the place. This further increases the chances of catching diseases like typhus or skin and eye infections. There are many pest prevention tips that people can use to keep pests under control.

Keep The Doors And Windows Closed

People tend to leave the windows and doors open during the spring and summer months. It helps in busting the heat and reduces the indoor temperature. However, it can provide easy entry points to the pests as well. It is, therefore, preferable to keep the doors and windows closed as much as possible.

Check The Attic For Signs

Attics are one part of the house where the most unkempt clutter can be found. These whole piles of stuff prove as a perfect hiding place and nesting place for pests like mice, spiders, and even termites. It is better to get rid of the clutter as often as possible and clean the attic periodically.

A Damaged Roof Is Bad

Damage in the roof is another entry point for the pests. Most often, damages or holes and cracks in the ceiling might go unnoticed by the residents. Pest control experts suggest inspecting the roof for any such damages periodically.

Keep The Garden Maintained

Pest prevention tips do not only apply to the area within the house. The pests enter a home from the outside area. If people keep the area around the house well maintained, it can be useful in the prevention of pests. This includes cutting or trimming down the garden grass and keeping the garden clean.

Clean And Tidy Kitchen Is Best

People are often in the habit of leaving the dirty kitchen overnight. This is a significant mistake that attracts pests like cockroaches and rodents into the house. It must be made a habit to clean the kitchen area before going to bed.

Bathrooms Are Probable Pest Hideouts

Bathrooms, just like the kitchen area, needs a lot of cleaning for pest control purposes. The bathroom can otherwise end up providing a hiding place for the pests. Clean bathrooms can hence prevent pest infestations.

Keep Pests Away From The Bedroom

No one wants a bed bugs infested mattress to sleep on. Bed bugs are the most common bedroom pests that cause much trouble to the residents. Wooden furniture in the bedroom can get infested by termites. It is preferable to keep such furniture away from the windows and doors. Cleaning the bed is also a good pest prevention tip.

Keep The Trash Out

A dirty house is an ultimate pest attractant. Pest control experts suggest to take the trash out regularly. Also, keeping the area clean around the trash can is essential.

Trim The Bushes And Shrubs

Shrubs and bushes can provide a means for pests to enter the house. This can be a problem, especially when these are near a window or door leading into the house. Trimming these foliages is necessary to prevent pests.

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