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5 ways to keep germ free at home and office

Keep Germ Free

The germ is intolerable and can prove to be quite gross. They not only turn things smelly but also trigger sickness in human bodies. However, with so much advancement and innovations happening in science and medicine, there are a few easy and effective ways to keep your life germ-free. For instance, washing your hands is probably one of the best ways to curb the spread of germs.

Germs, as you wouldn’t know spread faster than you can imagine and takes only about a couple of hours to lead to diseases, and further cause contamination at home, public places, and at work.

Here are some of the expert-suggested precautionary measures to abide by to stay germ and pest-free and lead a healthy life.

Hand Washing Is the Most Powerful Weapon to Combat Germs
Hand washing as researched and found by experts and researchers is the easiest way to keep yourself protected from germs and catching flu-like symptoms. A lot of diseases are believed to spread like fire when you avoid washing your hands frequently with soap and water. Washing your hands vigorously for a good 20 seconds with any antibacterial soap can keep germs at bay.

Why Hand Washing is Vital?

People are often seen to get the objects contaminated through sneezing or coughing into our hands and touching or coming in contact with objects directly. Always ensure to cover your face when sneezing or coughing, and wash your hands thereafter. Though hand washing has been used as a proven method to combat germs, hand sanitizers can also be helpful, especially when they comprise of 60% alcohol.

Keep Distance from Infected People to Avoid Contamination
Maintaining distance from those who are sick sounds simple but is hard to pull off, especially if they happen to be someone from your family. But believe it or, a majority of people get infected with a virus, only after being exposed to the air exhaled by someone who is sick with a virus-related infection or disease. And it is when these sick people cough or sneeze, that it becomes pretty dangerous in closed places.

You can consider installing an air purifier to keep your office or home pest-free. The purifiers are known to eliminate 99.97% of the airborne contaminants. Always keep away from co-workers or family members who have flu or cold symptoms.

Ensure a Proper Sanitization at Your House or Office
Disinfecting your workspace or house is a brilliant to say goodbye to germs and keep the places pest-free. Desks with objects on it are at higher risk for contamination. More so, an average desk is said to be the breeding ground of germs and poses more risk than a toilet seat. Invest in an antibacterial wipe to disinfect your mouse, keyboard, display items, books, show-pieces almost regularly,

Sanitizing your workplace, house, and your mobile-phones make sure that the germs are not being spread by you to your next person.

Avoid Touching Your Face Sans Washing or Sanitizing
One of the best ways to catch a virus or flu is by allowing the germs to pass through your nose or mouth down to the lungs. The flu viruses have been proven to breed on surfaces for 8 hours, while the cold viruses live for 3 hours. You can easily fight the spread of germs by always keeping your hands away from your face, nose, or eyes.

Stay Home to Prevent the Spread of Germs
The last but not the least, keeping yourself at home when you are is always advisable. This not only helps to recuperate faster but also keeps all kinds of infection at bay. If you have fallen sick and have been diagnosed with any flu-like diseases, then try staying at home for an approx. 24 hours post recovering from your fever.

It is never healthy to get around people with low-immune power like that of senior citizens and small children, and also expectant mothers.

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